Welcome Georgia Stewart, Our Newest Self-Love Ambassador

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Welcome to the family, Georgia Stewart, our newest Self-Love Ambassador! 

Adelaide just got a little sweeter as we spread our wings and land upon your shores with our newest Self-Love Ambassador, Georgia Stewart.

What does this mean you might ask?

It means that more women will be connected to their True-Self in Self-Love through our magical movement.

It means community, sisterhood, empowerment, inspiration, support and so much love!

Oh.. not to mention a whole lotta fun!

The Self-Love Movement is all about providing tools and resources and empowering, inspiring, and supporting women to make better quality heart-centred choices, igniting the magic of true Self-Love.

Self-Love requires commitment, dedication, persistence, and inspired action, which are the foundations and core values of our movement.

Adelaide, let’s meet your Self-Love Ambassador, Georgia Stewart;

“Through different stages of my life I’ve been through many different self-love journeys, and the meaning of self-love has changed for me many times. From an abusive relationship in my teens that destroyed my self-worth and set me up turning to men that had no respect for me to fulfil a void where I didn’t love myself and learning to move past that, to respect myself and my own boundaries. I also spent a long time mistreating my body with alcohol and partying. It was only a few years ago that I realised the self-sabotaging behaviours and began to take steps to change them, including a lengthy break from alcohol. I was lucky enough to fall in love with someone who taught me many lessons, to begin taking care of my health, and to respect and value myself more and more. Although that relationship came with its own challenges and ultimately didn’t work out, it started me on my own self-love journey, doing things for myself, following my own dreams and desires and learning what self-love truly meant, from enjoying my own company, self-development and taking better care of my body. It’s still a constant journey I’m on and every time I encounter a new challenge and remain true to my values and own self – it is very empowering.”

What does Self-Love mean to you?

“Self-love to me is taking the time to fill my own bucket first, you can’t pour from an empty bucket. It is knowing and respecting my body, its flaws and loving them all, keeping my mind and body nourished with healthy habits, knowing when to say no, when it’s time to put myself first and take time to recoup. Respecting my values and staying true to myself and knowing when to walk away from a situation or people that are not serving me and what I stand for. Knowing what it means to love myself as well as staying humble.”

Why do you think it is important for women to love who they are?

“Self-love allows us to grow and get in touch with ourselves and our deepest truths and desires. When women truly love who they are they have the confidence to go after more of what they want and live the life they want to live on their own terms, staying true to their values.”

Tell us some things you love:

It’s no secret I love to travel, but more than the actual travel itself, it is the people you meet, the cultures you experience and new connections you otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to create.
Family – spending quality time with them, sharing love and laughter
Delicious, nourishing food that leaves you feeling energised afterwards
Random acts of kindness or doing anything that will lessen the burden of another
A good old dance off and sing-a-long with my closest friends to old school hits and some occasional Garth Brooks… my secrets out haha (I’m shameless)
Social outings and the chance to get glammed up

What are your top 3 Self-Love Rituals/Acts of Self-Love?

Practicing daily gratitude every morning, it creates my mind-set for the rest of the day
Being alone with my own thoughts and company, I find it so soothing. Whether it’s a bath with candles, walking in the fresh air, getting out of the house, taking myself for a meal or coffee, or meditation.
Knowing my boundaries, limits and removing myself from situations that I feel unsafe or uncomfortable in.


Georgia Stewart

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“If you want to go far, go together”

Alana Arvanitis ❤
The Founder of The Self-Love Movement






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Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True Self with The Power of Self-Love

Spring into Self-Love

Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True Self with The Power of Self-Love

Spring into Self-Love

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