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09:00AM SAT, 11th FEB, 2017


Wild Yam Cafe


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Self-Love Workshop

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Steph Baron

The Importance Of Self-Love

Hey Soul Sistah’s!

I’m excited to announce the birth of a new and exciting venture. I have collaborated with The Self-Love Movement to create a Melbourne based network of spirited and driven women who share an interest in connection, sharing and personal development; with a strong emphasis on self-love.

In life it has been my mission to constantly evolve and expand my consciousness, rather than remain ignorant and hence stuck on a problem. Repeatedly I have been shown that fulfilment and personal growth is far more accessible through the practice of SELF-LOVE.

I feel it is my soul purpose to explore this theme, and to invite others to do the same for the greater good of all! The world needs more love, wouldn’t you say?

On that note i’d like to invite you to attend a breakfast meetup on the weekend preceding Valentine’s Day for some soul nourishing, self-lovin goodness!! ?

The hot topic of discussion will be ‘The Importance of Self-Love’. I encourage you to have a think about what self-love means to you, and you are welcome to share your thoughts with the group. There are no wrong answers, just opportunities to expand your awareness and connection not only with your inner self, but the group at large. Remember, we are all connected, and it’s time that we embrace this by coming together to unite in love!


Date: Saturday 11th February at 09:00am. Please arrive 15 minutes beforehand.
Price: $10 and… bring a GF for FREE!
Breakfast: Is at your own expense.  


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