The Importance of Self-Love // Northern Rivers

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07:30AM SAT, 19th AUG, 2017


Zeebras Restaurant & Cafe


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Self-Love Workshop

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Alana Arvanitis

The Importance of Self-Love // With Alana Arvanitis

How often do you prioritise the things in life which are important to you?

The things that make YOU feel peace, joy, happiness, and love?

How often do you do things for… JUST YOU? You know, without being that person who is also a wife, partner, mother, sister, aunty, friend, doctor, worker, professional, home-maker, chef.. that never-ending list of identities we take on as women. Forgetting that WE too need some TLC.

Tender. Loving. Care.

Delicious Self-Love, It never tasted so good..

But what if all the love you seek is waiting for you to see, feel, and be? What if all the questions you have are just a doorway away from being answered?

It is time to knock on the door of Self-Love and unite with your tribe of women who are waiting to: Support and Love You.

Join us as we launch The Self-Love Movement in Casino! (My beautiful home town which I am ever so excited about).



Date: Saturday 19th August, 7:30am – 9:30am
Price: $10 and….. Bring a GF for FREE!

Breakfast: Yummy deliciousness from the wonderful people at Zeebras 

We will dive into The Importance of Self-Love. So, I ask you, what does Self-Love mean to you? How do you honour your own love for Self? Do you give to yourself enough? Is your life peaceful or conflicted?

This is your time to express your hearts truth with your tribe. Something pretty amazing happens when you let go of the guard we hide behind and step into vulnerability.. especially in a safe environment with The Self-Love Movement.

Bring along your favourite writing journal although a special workbook will be provided.

We are delighted to bring this magical movement to… YOU.

Because, YOU are WORTH IT!

Alana Arvanitis
Leading Self-Love Ambassador for The Self-Love Movement


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