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The Essence of The Power of YOU With ~ Jenna Maree

Are you living a life fully tapped and tuned in to your Divine Soul Expression?

Are you harnessing the gifts of your soul?

Are you using your cosmic choice to guide you through life?

Are you following your heart and listening to your intuition?

Are you YOU completely? Imperfectly perfect.

Do you know who that is? Do you feel her? Embrace her? Meet her? Become her?

Have you let go of what society tells you to be and embraced YOU FULLY? Quirks, weirdness, craziness and all?

Your True-Self holds SO much personal power and wisdom.

She comforts you when you are in need. She listens to your deepest desires. She protects you from the outside world. She fights for you. She loves you. She is real, authentic, honest and trustworthy. She creates your destiny. She masters the frequency of love, joy, happiness, and all things abundance. She is your best-friend. She tells you everything you need to know to live a life so grand and full of magic and love! She is you…. You are her. You just need to meet her, FULLY.

And it all starts by saying YES to YOU! 

Saturday morning was spent discovering the things in which you are and love, and learning some tips on how to harness your superpowers with our beautiful guest for the month, Jenna Maree

Here are Jenna’s top tips for you to take on board for your journey to discover your True-Self, in Self-Love:

+ Wherever you are on your journey you are in exactly the right place, right here, right now – You are perfect exactly the way you are

+ You have everything you need to know within, there is nothing more rewarding than getting the answers from within instead of looking externally

+ Writing down and saying aloud your goals, intentions, feelings and dreams makes them 80% more likely to happen – so don’t forget the importance of getting your thoughts out of your head onto paper, to your bestie or just to yourself

+ Listen to your body it and really acknowledge it, all of your feelings and emotions. Remember your body always knows best – trust it

+ You can’t know the call of your heart unless you’re still and quiet

+ Never forget the importance of carving out time and space to do things that you love

Download Jenna’s ‘The Power of YOU’ workbook below:

The Power of YOU – Jenna Maree 

Thanks so much for coming ladies to spend your Saturday morning really honouring and nurturing your soul the energy in the room was beautiful. Don’t forget the SLM discount is valid until the end of January if you are interested in working with me and really ‘Prioritising you’ this year, you are so worthy of it. Also I have a free eBook you can download here, it is called the Simplify Your Life Challenge and it’s full of simply acts of self-love and kindness that you can experiment with. 

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Keep Shining,
Jenna Maree xo

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Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True Self with The Power of Self-Love

Spring into Self-Love

Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True Self with The Power of Self-Love

Spring into Self-Love

Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True Self with The Power of Self-Love



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