The Essence Of Radical Self-Love ~ Your Perfect Fit!

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The Essence of Radical Self-Love  ~ Your Perfect Fit, with Elise Danielle.

My journey to my perfect fit, where I was able to heal my relationship to my body and my food, really began when I dived into fully committing to look at and heal my relationship to myself. I slowly learned how to rebuild the LOVE I had starved myself of. My lack of self-love and self-care was making me so hungry for everything else. 

These are the three main principles that I applied for myself and that I work through with my clients: 

1) Our relationship to our food is a direct reflection of our relationship to ourselves.

It’s not about the food and it’s not about the weight. It’s about how we FEEL about ourselves outside of this. It’s about how we FEEL regardless of the weight. 

Until we accept what is and learn to appreciate who we are beyond the weight we’ll always find ways to sabotage our health and happiness. 

2) Diets and Control aren’t the answer, if fact they make things way worse.

Diets are any way of eating that we are emotionally attached to. Whenever we feel guilty or regretful of what we eat, we’re emotional attached. 

When we “cheat” on our diet, we feel like we’re cheating ourselves. When we say we’re being “naughty” and order the burger we’re either consciously or subconsciously associating our self-worth with what we eat. When we operate from this mindset, it’s impossible to break free from binge eating and emotional eating. 

Instead of trying to control our food, instead of trying harder to stick to your diet, we need to start switching the goal to eating, peacefully, sanely, naturally and out of compassion and LOVE for our bodies 

3) Our problems with eating nutritious isn’t a food Issue.

Our inability to lose weight, isn’t a weight problem. It’s a mindset, emotional and spiritual issue. 

All of these tactics we use – the control, the diets, the “bad and good” are just band aid solutions for the symptoms of what’s really happing underneath the surface.

When we can strip back the layers and get to the underlying issue we release the symptoms (the weight, the need to control, the urge to binge or diet) with ease and for good. 

Remember you can connect with that space we all grounded into together through mediation. It’s available to you at any time. That’s your connection that’s who you really are. Use that to guide you to the healthiest, happiest version of yourself and you know deep down that that’s who you’re meant to be. 

Elise Danielle ❤

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Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True Self with The Power of Self-Love

Spring into Self-Love

Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True Self with The Power of Self-Love

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