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The Essence of… a wonderful Self-Loving morning // With Julie Marsh

Saturday morning was absolutely fabulous! We PACKED the house at My Little Kitchen! Which just shows, YOU totally care about Self-Love and your health! (YAY)

My theme for the morning was “Acts of Self-Love”. 

Have a think, what do you do throughout your day to increase your happiness or well-being? Read, laugh, walk, eat, sleep, shop, cook, swim, bake, talk, listen, cuddle, paint, work, create… There are SO many things you can be doing for your own happiness. And besides, it’s fun figuring out what lights you up!

Take action today for your own happiness my loves, YOU are so WORTHY of a life so enriched with love, joy, and all things delicious!

Speaking of delicious… Julie has put together a recap of her talk with us all, and here it is:

“Thank you all for coming on Saturday morning.

Thank you beautiful Alana for hosting such a beautiful event and for holding space for all of us.

It was so wonderful to share with you the importance of a good, core foundation in the body, which comes from your whole GI Tract.

I LOVED seeing you all connect with your cells and the amazing body that you have.  I hope that you continue connecting even deeper with the amazing, awesomeness of who you are and what an amazing machine your body is.

A Healthy Gut does not just come from the foods you eat.  It also comes from the thoughts you think, the emotions you express. the water you drink and the stresses you have in your life.  That is why many Gut programs don’t work.  The Whole Individual person needs to be assessed to see what their body requirements are.  It is not just the physical you are working with, it is about working with the WHOLE BEING – Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.

Your body is your temple.  What you put into it counts.  You are what you eat – your body breaks down the DNA & RNA in the foods you eat, and uses it to rebuild your own.  Food then becomes your medicine.

FOOD  IS THY MEDICINE    – remember this the next time you place something in your mouth 🙂

Your body is amazing! YOU ARE AMAZING!

I hope you all enjoyed looking at your cells through the microscope.  A pretty special way to see just how incredibly awesome you and your body are.

I have listed some summary points of the presentation for you.

“Do the best you can do until you know better.  When you know better, DO better”

Self Love

Self Love is also what you eat, what you put into our body and the thoughts you think.

The 4 Agreements – Your Integrity, Your Word, Being in Your Truth and Expressing that, is also Self Love.  Walking your Talk.  Non-Judgement of yourself and others. Letting go of guilt and /or shame.

* Ancient Medicine

Taoist Medicine dates back 3 000yrs and concentrates on the environment in the body, Jing and Chi Flow (the energy systems in the body)

Traditional Chinese Medicine dates back 2 500yrs and concentrates on the environment in the body, Jing and Chi Flow

Epigenetics – the “New”Science – dates back 30yrs and concentrates on the environment in the body. With Dr Bruce Lipton’s work, science has finally caught up with what the ancients knew all those years ago.

(If you haven’t already, I highly recommend Dr Bruce Lipton’s books – Biology of Belief, Spontaneous Evolution and Honeymoon Effect)

The internal environment in your body can either create HEALTH AND VITALITY or dis-ease and dis-harmony.

Your Internal Environment changes due to stress.

Stresses include: the foods you eat, water you drink, outside Environment, Geopathic stress, Emotional/Mental stresses – caused from work, realtionships, family, children – Birth Control methods, chemicals we place on our hair/body, your balance of work, rest and play, the amount of alcohol you consume and the list continues.   🙂

These toxins put extra stress on your cells.  Your cells then try to remove these toxins from your body and if the toxin build up is too much, this puts stress on your DNA and RNA.  You then start to see ” glitches” happening in your body, creating dis-harmony, which can develop into dis-ease.

All Dis-ease and Dis-harmony in the body stems from these stresses.

When your Sympathetic Nervous System is stimulated (fight or flight response) pathways throughout your brain and your body, shut down or get stimulated.  Your Reptilian Brain shuts down your Limbic System (Emotional Brain) and your thinking Cortex.  it then stimulates your Adrenalin, Circulatory and Respiratory systems and shuts down your Digestive System, Immune System and Reproductive System. Once you deal with your stresses, your body returns to homeostatsis.  When you don’t, your body stimulates a long term stress hormone, called Cortisol.  Once Cortisol gets triggered, confusion throughout your pathways begins.  This then causes your systems to not function at optimal level, creating dis-ease and dis-harmony in your body.

(Please visit our website – and download our FREE E-Book on Health and Wellness, which explains this in more detail)

*  Stresses create an imbalance in the Gut Flora.

This gives rise to:

Mental Fog; Loss of Concentration; Weight Gain; Hormonal Imbalances; Lethargy; Chronic Fatigue; Ezcema; Psorasis; Skin Rashes and Itching; Thrush; Tinnea; Inflammation and then on to more serious dis-eases.

On an Emotional/Mental level, this creates Loss of Self Esteem and  Self Confidence, Lack of Trust in Self, Disconnection to Self and Others, Anxiety, Depression and an emotional rollercoaster of not knowing who you are or your path.

*  You have 50 Trillion Cells in your body. 

From the moment you were conceived, every one of these cells just wants to keep you alive. Each one of them working individually, and together as a collective, to ensure you keep breathing.  Even when you are sleeping, your cells are busy repairing.  Your AMAZING body knows EXACTLY how to heal itself.  You just need to support the body in the best way possible.


No matter what you do to it, what you put in it, those cells work very hard to keep your body working as the best it can.

* In a healthy body, with healthy gut flora

– you have 10x the amount of your cells as mycrobes in your GUT, helping you to maintain health and vitality.  That is 500 Trillion!! You need these guys to keep you fuctioning.  These beautiful, BALANCED FLORA, are your FATHFUL SERVANTS! (Please take time to connect with that empowering statement!)  Over billions of years of evolution, these mycrobes and your physical form, have come together in union to SUPPORT each other.

* When your Gut Flora is in balance, all your systems are working in perfect health. 

Each organ has it’s own aspects:

Stomach and Spleen/Pancreas – Self Nurturing and Nurturing to others

Small Intestine – Manifestation.  Not just materialistic things, but your work, your masterpiece, and the steps every day that you require to get there.

Large Intestine – The gift of Letting Go

Liver – Wisdom – To know what is right and wrong for YOU!

This is where your core strength comes from, your confidence your self-esteem and the feeling of being FANTASTIC!  Your Intuition is spot on and you trust in yourself.  Your projects, your masterpiece, flows through beautifully and you achieve all your dreams, goals and aspirations.

* In your Embryonic stage of development.

The Egg and sperm connect and your cells start to multiply.  These cells combine and become 3 very important, different layers – Endoderm, Ectoderm and Mesoderm.

Endoderm develops into your digestive and respiratory systems.  In a healing phase,  Fungi and mycobacteria are the destructive crew that breakdown tumors in these endoderm organs. This information is controlled by the Reptilian Brain. (This is where our mind perceptions, conditioning and belief systems come in)

Ectoderm develops into your nervous system and sensory receptors (ears, nose, eyes, skin) In a healing phase, Viruses are the construction and re-construction workers.  They bring out swelling and refilling of ulcers and cellular substances in these organs.  This information is directed by the cerebral cortex.  (This is where our mind perceptions, conditioning and belief systems come in)

Mesoderm develops into your circulatory system, bones, muscles, excretory system and reproductive system. In a healing phase, Bacteria clean up and destroy tumors in these mesoderm organs. This information is directed by the cerebellum and cerebral medulla (This is where our mind perceptions, conditioning and belief systems come in)

(This information comes from Dr Hamer and his extensive research into dis-eases, which gave way to Hamer Medicine)

* When your Gut Flora is out of balance,

WHO KNOWS how many microbes are in your gut!  Way more than 500 Trillion!  With that much out of balance GUT microbes, they then become like “aliens” and your own cell’s voices, can not be heard.

This then leads to you and your body towards foods that keep them alive – dairy, sugar (processed and natural – including fruits), alcohol etc and not the foods that help your body to remain strong, healthy and filled with vitality.  This creates a PERFECT internal environment in your GI Tract for these “aliens’ to THRIVE! Your intuition becomes off, you become confused or unable to make a decision, become easily lead and give way to cravings, you loose trust in yourself and as the “alien” voices become louder, your thought patterns decline and start to become negative.

The imbalance in gut flora, places stress on your immune system, as your “army” tries to fight them and bring them back into balance.  Just picture all those “army men”, your immune system, fighting a loosing battle, as the foods you eat, give those excess “aliens” the PERFECT environment to keep reproducing at a high rate. Your immune system becomes compromised, as the resources in your bone marrow become depleted and then come out too early.  It is like sending a 12 year old out to fight a war, he has the gun, but doesn’t know how to use it or even, where to point it.

* To re-establish Gut Health

You need a GREAT program that supports all aspects of health and wellbeing. One that has been proven to work, with results.  One that focuses on the CORE of the issue – that of dampness – to re-establish that heathy environment required for health and vitality.

A program that changes your life, for the REST OF YOUR LIFE, with the support you need to get there.

Harmony In Life Clinics has the perfect Gut Health Restoration Program for you!

Individually designed for your specific needs, with just 3 steps.

  1. Eliminate microbe overgrowth in the whole GI Tract
  2. Re-establish a healthy internal environment in all Digestive System organs
  3. Rebuild the body

Each step is just as important as the other!  You need all 3 to come back into health and vitality.

Our comprehensive Health Assessment, let’s us know what is going on in your body:

Live Blood Analaysis, informs us of the cellular stucture of your Red Blood Cells, if your body is assimilating vital vitamins and minerals, how your immune system is functioning and of course, connects you to your amazing cells.

BioWell/GDV reading – shows us the state of your Auric Field, how your chakras are aligned and the health and vitality of every single organ in your body.

Our intensive look into the Nutritional aspect of your lifestyle and if there are any changes we need to look at from that perspective.

Through our discussions, we will also delve into your emotional /mental aspect of what is going on for you and see if there are any conditioning or belief systems that may be blocking you from attaining optimal health and wellness.

With Kinesiology, we are then able to ask your body, exactly what it requires to bring the balance back into your Gut.   We then we suggest specific herbs  & foods to eliminate the overgrowth in Gut Flora, Restore a beneficial environment in your whole GI Tract and then Rebuild your body.

The herbs, foods, recipes, our specifically designed protocols and cooking classes (if required), probiotics and Kinesiology sessions,  support your body, as it does what it was designed to do and comes back into health and vitality.

For your FREE 30 minute Consultation, please contact our Clinic on 07 5641 0565 or 0432 233 464 to book in and see how Harmony In Life Clinics can help change your life!  

or visit our website:   and take our Gut Health Quiz to see if your gut health is out of balance.

May you enjoy GOOD GUT HEALTH!!”

Love, Peace and Harmony,

The Harmony In Life Clinics Team,

Julie Marsh and Holly Biddle 

“If you want to go far, go together”

Alana Arvanitis ❤

The Founder of The Self-Love Movement







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