The Empowered Woman

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4:00PM SUN, 1st DEC, 2019



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Emma Jane

The Empowered Woman with Emma Goodfellow

Empowerment: the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.

So, what does it mean to be an empowered woman?

It means to be fearless in the pursuit of her own ambitions and dreams.

It means having strong healthy boundaries and feeling safe to take up space in this world.

It means taking full ownership of her story and the life she desires to actualise.

It means letting go of the past and stepping into the future by being ever so present in the now.

It means allowing herself to be seen in her full divine expression where she speaks her truth and walks her walk.

It means she stands tall in her personal power and emanates pure unconditional love and doesn’t let fear get in her way.

It means embodying all of who she is, her essence, her magic, her darkness and her light so that she is completely liberated and free flowing in her expansive state.

She. Is. You.

The Empowered Woman. Part 2.

Our previous workshop, The Empowered Woman Part 1, was such a beautiful success that we have decided to delve deeper, into the soul that is YOU.

The Empowered Woman.

**Note, it is not a requirement that you attended the previous workshop. We are going a little deeper into ourselves this time around. No previous attendance is necessary.**

There are two main reasons why we close our precious hearts, which ultimately closes off our empowered state.

The first is because we are afraid to let others in, in case they hurt us. And the second is because we have so much darkness inside, we are afraid to hurt others by releasing it, so we begin a life of protection and guarding the world of who we are, who we came here on earth to be.

Both reasons are valid and genuine however, lead us to be a prisoner of our own hearts unable to accept love, light, happiness, sensuality and reach the being of who we truly are.

Releasing any stagnant energy, blockages, past or current hurt, and old beliefs and patterns are key to making our hearts permeable so we can let the energy both in and out of our heart centre.

To do this requires us to fully show up for ourselves and for our sisters around us, where we will be joining together for an empowering heart-opening ceremony and evening.

A Sunday evening full of storytelling, true-self expression, and releasing and expanding through two beautiful guided heart meditations and mantras.

This night will be emotional, vibrational, and most of all liberating.

Can you free yourself and become an Empowered Woman?

So much YES to that, brave heart.

Let’s meet our beautiful guest facilitator, Emma Goodfellow:

Emma is a heart-led therapist who recognises the difficulty in our humanness, encouraging others to explore themselves and the reason they were put on this earth. Emma’s drive for self-discovery is contagious, this is the single most important thing and the sole reason she believes we are here, to discover who we were prior to any conditioning.

Emma was born and raised in Perth, WA. She believes she was born to guide others to themselves, strong in her conviction, she has fought for this every day since. Emma has been raised around loved ones suffering from personal entrapment, leading to secondary symptoms of depression and anxiety but she never attaches a label. Emma is a deeply feeling, sensitive, spiritual and intuitive individual. Emma has been counselling for 5 years and is currently finishing her registration as a psychologist. Although Emma sees the credibility a psychologist brings, she is personally uncomfortable focusing purely on clinical-based interventions and is more holistic at heart.

“I want for you to feel empowered, to feel confident, to be fearless in the pursuit of your dreams, to unravel those suffocating beliefs that no longer serve you and identify patterns of self-sabotage that keep you stuck. I want to listen to you, truly listen to you and know that you are important and that YOU matter. If you are after something corporate or formal, this is not the place for you, I aim to get you out of head and into heart where we can centre and align with our true selves so we can have the best experience possible. This vulnerability Can feel uncomfortable, but a part of this process is trusting yourself and delving deeper. By contacting me, you are setting the intention that you are ready and open to release and grow”.

What you can expect:

>> Meditation, candles, intention setting.

>> Connection, exploration, sisterhood, laughter and love.

>> Soul nourishment; enjoy a delicious vegan curry and tea.

>> Sharing, listening, inspiration, wisdom and empowerment.

The perfect Sunday evening.

What to bring:

>> Your journal for taking notes and reflections.

>> An offering for the alter – a flower from your garden is perfect.

>> Yoga mat or cushion for seating.

>> Your beautiful self, just as YOU are.


When: Sunday 1st December 4pm – 7pm

Where: 2GreenFingers 96 Bawdan street Willagee Perth, WA 6156

Cost: $40 + booking fee via Humanitix.

**Early Bird Ticket: Book before 19th November Take 15% OFF

Your booking fee is supporting literacy programs for young girls. $70 teaches a girl to read and write for a year.

Refunds require a 24-hour notice prior to the event.
No exchanges are available.
Food & Drink are included in the ticket price.
Strictly no tickets at door.

Alana Arvanitis & Emma Jane ♥
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