What a wonderful movement the beautiful Alana has created. These events are so unique and inspiring. Each time you enter these events you enter with an open mind and leave with a full heart. Not only filled with self love but with love from strangers. It is a place where you can go to gain knowledge on lots of things you would never think to participate in on your own to build a better version of you. Alana guides all the beautiful ladies who attend in the right direction with her own views on self love.
I highly recommend getting involved with these events. It is something that is suitable for ladies of all ages and it’s always nice to make the time to love yourself ❤️

— Brigid T

How do the events make you feel?
I stopped going to networking events because I used to feel uncomfortable and felt expected to buy or sell rather than create relationships. I found the Self Love Movement a loving and caring space to be in, one that fosters making new relationships. Yes we are still there to create more business but the business is about giving more than people expect to receive and consequently the feeling of genuine love is always very present in the group. I always feel empowered when I walk away whether from the speaker or the other ladies present it always feels good.

What do you get out of them?
The best part about the group is that I don’t expect to get anything out of it except a safe space to build relationships and I get that every time. The thing is I always get more because the groups always gives more than what is expected. I don’t go there to ‘get’ I go there to receive the love, guidance and support the members give so freely give and of course I like to give back as well. 

Why should other women come?
I would like to say that women shouldn’t come because then I have it to myself but that is a little selfish. Really it is such a safe space you would be crazy to miss it and the variation of speakers, times and venues keeps us experiencing new things. Besides there are times when I can’t make it so we need to have plenty of ladies present to make sure it keeps growing, changing and evolving just like we do. Check it out because I know you will be pleasantly surprised.

— Susan Jane from Intuitive Nature


Why should women come?
To be inspired by speakers and other self-lovers. To meet other like-minded women in a positive and feminine surrounding. To build connections in both friendship and business and to get support in your daily life.

What do you get out of it?
In a very masculine world it’s nice to see so many strong feminine women in the same space.

How does it make you feel?
I always feel a massive shift afterwards, filled with energy and happiness. I always walk out from the meetups filled with love and the feeling of I power that I can do anything in the world!!

— Angelica N


Everything in life happens for a reason. To learn. Meeting Alana and being invited to my first breakfast was a beautiful gift and blessing. As you are welcomed into a group of like mind love-inspired individuals. All on a quest for self improvement and the desire to share the guides and tools they used to achieve their unique wholeness with the hopes that other may find their own part of inspiration. It is when you are inspired that you are closest to the force of creation. Inspiration brings change.

Why would I recommend you join the next breakfast…. a safe harmonious environment where love is genuine. You are seen as You and encouraged to be your authentic Self.

All love starts within.

I want to thank Alana for the creation of this beautiful group. I am always so inspired to raise myself to the next level. I am forever grateful.

— Pam Siddins from Best Studios


Alana’s Self-Love Movement Events are fantastic. She has worked really hard to create a beautiful and safe space for women to come together and connect. The women who she invites to come along and share their gifts are wonderful and I feel each of them has definitely left me feeling super inspired. If you are looking for an event that will uplift you and where you will feel like you fit in from the moment you arrive then I cannot recommend Alana and the Self Love Movement events enough.

— Sarah Ann from Sunkissed The Collective


It was a blessing for me to find The SLM. Finding myself in a room with other women wanting to learn to know and love themselves, becoming better versions of themselves and connecting with other women wanting to do the same in a judgement free environment is incredibly empowering and that is what I feel the self-love movement is about. It’s also the perfect place to make new friends if you’re new in the area as I was. Everyone welcomes you with open arms and open hearts. You can’t leave this event not feeling understood, connected, positive and empowered. I loved every second and the energy created and shared there. Thank you Alana for creating the most authentic and inspiring event for women on the Gold Coast!

— Sabrina C


The Self-Love Movement events have filled a space in my life that I was missing, as a sufferer of depression & social anxiety I tend to have a small social circle but started seeking out events to meet people to try to break out of my shell but nothing really clicked until I stumbled across the SLM.

From the moment I arrived I felt so welcome & empowered, these women were inspiring & supportive & I felt like I was finally home. It helped me realise I wanted to strive to be that beacon of light to other women too & my dream of running self esteem/confidence building workshops wasn’t so silly after all.

Other women should come if they are searching for something but they aren’t sure what, if they want to connect with other women & if the want to feel supported in a safe environment.

I leave the events feeling like I’m floating on a cloud; my heart is so warmed (which was such a shock after my first event I cried on the way home), I’m so inspired I feel like nothing is too hard & most of all I feel like I’m nourishing my soul coming to these events. Getting out of your comfort zone is hard but the world outside of it is so beautiful, you just have to take that step.

— Rachael M

I would love to thank Alana for her fabulous energy, love and what she brings to life. So glad we have crossed paths and that you are doing something on the Gold Coast like no other. The more awesome like minded women to come together is fantastic. More happy loving people, to uplift and support one another. Thank you 🙂 I always tell women to attend your events as it will change their lives. xx

— Nikki L 

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Spring into Self-Love

Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True Self with The Power of Self-Love

Spring into Self-Love

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