Tapping Into Your Mind // Southern Gold Coast

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07:00AM SAT, 12th MAY, 2018


The Boatshed Currumbin


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Self-Love Breakfast Event

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Bec Williams

Tapping Into Your Mind // With Kim Jewell

“When you become the master of the mind you are the master of everything”

The mind. It is such a powerful part of our human self and often left un-trained.

An un-trained mind can lead you to dangerous places including self-sabotage, self-loathing, self-hate, negative self-talk, addictions, and illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

A trained mind can lead you to self-mastery, empowerment, fulfilment, self-compassion, self-love, personal power, and so much goodness in life.

True harmony is found when one can master their own mind.

But how does one learn to tap into the power of the mind and embody self-mastery to transform their life?

Let’s meet our expert guest for the month, Kim Jewell:

Kim J Jewell is a Cert. MNLP Trainer, a Level V Master-FasterEFT Practitioner, Behavioural Specialist, Mind Coach and Stress Specialist. She is also the author of the self-help book, “From Stress to Success.”

Kim works with clients to release stress, emotions, & limiting beliefs. Which in turn creates healing on all levels of the mind & body system.

Kim’s own journey through addiction and major anxiety has led her down a road of intense healing. Twelve years into her journey of recovery, Kim found that she was still facing many of the same issues that had troubled her life. The substances were gone but the internal battle still raged on.

Traditional counselling and therapy had not helped in eliminating the stress and anxiety of day to day living. Burning with the desire to be happy, joyous and free, Kim started searching outside the traditional models of psychology in the hope of finding a path to peace. It has been this journey that has given Kim so much insight into connecting and helping others.

Through her life experience and professional experiences, Kim has been working with people for over 25 years. Kim has studied many forms of alternative healing. She has gained knowledge of the mind/body connection and continues to study the Nuero Science behind addiction.

Kim is passionate about helping others understand the workings of their minds and creating lasting change in their life.


You will learn;

  • how your mind works and the codes it uses
  • how your mind draws from past experiences
  • how to release stress and emotional distress
  • how to take back control of your mind with the use of tapping

“If you correct your mind the rest of your life will fall into place.”


When: Saturday May 12th 7am – 9am
Where: The Boatshed Currumbin. 2-4 Thrower Drive, Currumbin Qld.  
Cost: $20 + booking fee via Humanitix. All profits from booking fees are donated to the charity of our choice “Women’s Community Shelters”.

* PLEASE NOTE: Tickets SELL OUT. To ensure your seat, please register and purchase your ticket now. No refunds or exchanges available. Women’s event. No tickets at door.

This is one morning not to be missed Self-Lovers, full of blissful femininity & radiant love. 
Please only hit attend if you are 100% there with us all. I am here for YOU, YOU are here for YOU, and TOGETHER, WE ARE HERE FOR EACH OTHER.

Bec Williams

Southern Gold Coast Self-Love Ambassador for The Self-Love Movement



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Spring into Self-Love

Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True Self with The Power of Self-Love

Spring into Self-Love

Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True Self with The Power of Self-Love



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