Welcome Liz Wensing, Our Newest Self-Love Ambassador

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Welcome to the family, Liz Wensing, our newest Self-Love Ambassador!

Canberra just got a little sweeter as we spread our wings and land upon your shores with our newest Self-Love Ambassador, Liz Wensing.

What does this mean you might ask?

It means that more women will be connected to their True-Self in Self-Love through our magical movement.

It means community, sisterhood, empowerment, inspiration, support and so much love!

Oh.. not to mention a whole lotta fun!

The Self-Love Movement is all about providing tools and resources and empowering, inspiring, and supporting women to make better quality heart-centred choices, igniting the magic of true Self-Love.

Self-Love requires commitment, dedication, persistence, and inspired action, which are the foundations and core values of our movement.

Canberra, let’s meet your Self-Love Ambassador, Liz;

Hi I am Liz. I am a free spirited, heart centred, creatively inspired soul. I have seen extraordinary change and transformation in my life, simply by bringing self-love and self-care practices into my life.  Here’s a little more about me..

I grew up wanting to be a dancer.  I loved the freedom it gave me to express and to create.  At the age of 8 I remember nagging my mum to take me to a dance school. I loved it. I owned it. I was in my happy place.  I loved the feeling I got from performing on stage.  I could express myself and be creative.

Fast forward a few years. My life was super jam packed with ‘STUFF’. From the outside looking in I lived a pretty full life. I lived in a bustling city, I was studying and spending time with friends. My external world seemed to reflect exactly what it ‘should’. My internal world however, was full to the brim with overwhelm, self-doubt, confusion and anxiety. I was my own worst enemy, constantly judging myself, and others, criticising every choice, and sabotaging my life. I constantly felt restless and unsettled and didn’t know what I needed to feel happy and content.

So, what changed I hear you say?  (…A lot happened in between, but we can save that for later), I turned inwards and began to look at all the ways I was showing up to my world that were not working for me. I began see that I was playing a part. It took a lot of courage and hard work to own that as my truth and to recognise that I was my own worst enemy (self-hate) and it was up to me to become my own best friend (Self-love).  After some deep soul searching, travel, trying new things, and doing everything that I love that’s when things began to shift.

I discovered that self-love was about loving all parts of myself in each moment of the day no matter what is happening in my external reality.  I discovered that it was my choice to accept and forgive or continue to judge and criticise my own feelings and emotions.

And so now?  I am grateful for the challenges and the lessons. I am wise with a lot of life experience.  I live connected to my heart and my body.  I am here committed and dedicated to paving the path for other women to step into their power, to empower you to be vulnerable and to honour who you are and to encourage you to shine your light on the world, through the power of self-love.

What does Self-Love mean to you?

Self-love means being my own best friend.  It’s about loving all parts of me no matter what is there.  Fear is present, love that.  Selfishness is present, love that. Despair is present, love that. Hatred is present, love that.  Whatever arises love that.  For me it’s a continual journey of acknowledging my truth (my feelings) in every moment of everyday and empowering myself to honour and respect all parts of myself as part of the human experience without judgement or criticism.

Why do you think it is important for women to love who they are?

Each woman has something so special to share.  Women are amazing and powerful and when we are vulnerable we pave the path for other women to also be vulnerable.  When we love ourselves, we love the world.  The love begins to flow outward to others, to our friends, our partner, our work, our hobbies.  Life flows and flourishes and we can all benefit from that.

Tell us some things you love:

❤ I love dancing *I love moving my body * I love loud music in the lounge room with my bestie * I love radical self-love * I love sharing love * I love being love * I love doTerra essential oils * I love yoga * I love reiki* I love learning new things * I love inspiring conversations * I love authenticity and seeing the real and raw side of people * I love reading books, I am a book worm * I love drinking chai tea * I love wearing yoga pants * I love being of service * I love seeing others shine * I love soulful conversations * I love people who are passionate even if their passionate about something that I’m not. The passion is contagious.  * I love honesty and transparency * I love travel * I love dogs * I love my family * I love my friends * I love The Self-Love Movement * AND I LOVE YOU. ❤

What are your top 3 Self-Love Rituals/Acts of Self-Love?

Self- love mantra: I start my day with love and I end my day with love.  Every day I have an opportunity to love myself.  (Name), I love you.  I love the parts of me that are feeling under nourished today, I love the parts of me that are fearful, I love the parts of me that need a little extra kindness today, I love all parts of me.  I choose to love all parts of me today, no matter what is presenting itself to me.  I will love. I am love.  (P.S Change this up to suit your needs

Self- love dance: As I am a lover of movement, you guessed it moving is high priority on my self-love rituals and practices.  This practice is for the women who are ready to tap into their wild woman and unleash themselves from feeling restrained or restricted.  Give yourself permission to feel everything. Especially if moving isn’t something you practice regularly.  Find a private space.  Put on some inspiring music. Start to move in a way that feels good for you.  Let the music guide you, or just unleash yourself and have fun. Moving helps us re-energise ourselves, helps us to move energy and move emotions like stress and anxiety, it helps us to feel confident in our body.  Empower yourself today, and get moving.

Self-love with essential oils: I love doTerra essential oils.  For this practice, grab a candle, a comfy place, some music and your oils.  Start with some deep breathing, 10 breaths into the belly.  A sip of your cuppa.  A listen to your favourite music playing in the background.  Place 2 drops of lavender doTerra essential oil and fractionated coconut oil (FCO) into the palm of your hand and lavishly and lovingly rub the oil into the bottom of your feet for at least 5-10 minutes each foot before you go to bed. Oh darling you will sleep so well tonight!


Liz Wensing ❤
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Alana Arvanitis ❤
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Spring into Self-Love

Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True Self with The Power of Self-Love

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