Sister Sharing Circle

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07:30AM FRI, 16th JUN, 2017


My Little Kitchen


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Sister Sharing Circle Event

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Alana Arvanitis

SISTER SHARING CIRCLE – With Alana Arvanitis, the founder of The Self-Love Movement

Hi Gorgeous Self-Lovers ❤

Wow Winter has pressed against our soft cheeks and made its welcoming into our hearts! Time is a funny thing isn’t it.. it can move so slowly, but feel so quick! Maybe it is all about how we feel in the present moment?

“The greatest gift you can give someone is your Time” – Give that time to yourself today ❤

To welcome in beautiful Winter, I have decided to hold a Sister Sharing Circle for our June Self-Loving event. This is all about YOU. Winter is a time to hibernate, to go within and rest, taking an internal evaluation and inventory of all that is… all that is YOU.

Bring a topic that is close to your heart that you wish to share. Or, just bring your heart, your soul, and your pretty face and just be heard, felt, and seen by your Self-Loving community of sisters. The energy of Winter ❤

We will share, laugh, cry, and enjoy the presence of each other – the perfect “present”. What a gift YOU are.

And… eat a yummy breakfast!!

In honour of my welcoming of Winter, I have decided to make this event a Gratitude Payment Circle.
You will see ticket options listed within the Eventbrite link above. Tune into your heart and pick the one you are most grateful for. All that I ask is that you send so much love and gratitude to the flow of our Self-Love Movement.. becoming Global ❤ (exciting news to come). A beautiful exchange of energy and love.

Cost: Gratitude Options


Date: Friday 16th June, 7:30am – 9:30am
Price: Gratitude Payment Options via the Eventbrite link below

Breakfast: Yummy deliciousness from the wonderful people at MLK is at your own expense. 


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