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07:30AM SAT, 23rd JUN, 2018


Once & Again Book Cafe

Hosted by:

Georgia Stewart

Self-Loving Hormones ~ With Jacqui Watts

“I feel there is something unexplored about women that only a woman can explore.”

And it is true..

Women are complex human beings.

Our bodies are designed differently.

Our system is hardwired differently.

Our emotions can be like flood gates.

We feel. Express. Create. Explore. Move. Dance. Be.

We are unique. We are different. And our bodies are made to bring life to this world.

Whether or not that is with children, or just simply the centre of creation of all things.

It starts with us. It starts with YOU.

So, how well do you know your body as a woman?

Do you know its flow and rhythm?

Do you feed and nourish it so that is flourishes and thrives?

Do you understand the complexities of your hormones and menstrual cycle?

Are you connected or disconnected to being a holy divine woman?

Do you track your ovulation and menstrual cycle naturally or do you use a contraceptive?

And how well do you know your hormonal cycle and the link between that and Self-Love and Self-Care?

Today’s society is full of toxicity which deeply affects our hormones, in return creating inner-chaos for our bodies and emotions.

I believe it is absolutely vital to not only nourish our mind/body/soul, but to also learn about the cycles that make us women. That includes our hormones. Because let’s face it, hormones can rule our lives! We need to be aware of how important they are for us women and to truly understand the role they play.

Let’s meet our expert guest speaker, Jacqui Watts:

Jacqui’s passion for women’s health came through her own struggles as a teenager suffering period pain, anxiety in later years with the shift to motherhood and thyroid issues. When Jacqui first started in her own practice over 11 years ago now she saw a range of health concerns, but as the years went on she saw a huge shift in working mums’, stay at home mums’ as well as retired woman whom were searching for a shift in their health.

They were fatigued, struggled with hormones, lacked self-awareness of their symptoms and knew they just did not feel quite right. They had been to their local Dr, offered anti-depressants or told that there was nothing that can be done- they must just be tiered or getting old!

This lead Jacqui to throw herself into researching and understanding every little detail about womens hormone health. Over the last 7 years Jacqui has specialised in women’s health, particularly period related concerns, menopause, thyroid disorders and stress related symptoms such as poor sleep and anxiety.

With 3 young children of her own she knows the struggles and demands that life throws at woman and wants to help support other women. She has a strong passion for educating women on their bodies, and how to take charge of their health naturally. When she isn’t in the Healthful Clinic you will find her making bliss balls, playing with her kids, out for a walk or trying to grab some quite time!

Join us for a breakfast with a twist!

You will learn:

~ The relationship between Self-Love, Self-Care and your hormones

~ How to work with your menstrual cycle so you can enjoy more ease and grace each month

~ The importance of understanding your hormones and what you can do to help balance them

~ Plus, SO much inspiration, empowerment, support and love!


When: June 23rd 7:30 am – 9:30 am

Where: Once and Again Book Café 560b Marion Road, Plympton Park SA 5038

Cost: $30 + booking fee. This INCLUDES your breakfast as we have a cost per head arrangement with the venue. Breakfast will be a full continental breakfast with a few other options available. I will post the menu soon.

If you have any food allergies or concerns, please let us know when booking your ticket.

Please note, all profits from our booking fee is donated to the charity of our choice “Women’s Community Shelters”.

No refunds or exchanges are available, and this is a women’s only event.

SO excited to share this incredible morning with you all! Make sure you share the event with your tribe so we can spread the word.

SO much love,

Georgia Stewart  ?
Adelaide’s Self-Love Ambassador for The Self-Love Movement




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