Self-Love Expansion with Lomi Lomi

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3pm – 7pm Saturday 25th June 2022


The Grace Space; Private Residence at Isle of Capri

Hosted by:

Alana Arvanitis
Founder of The Self-Love Movement

Facilitated by Stone Gye
Lomi Lomi Gold Coast

Intimate Evenings in The Grace Space

Self-Love Expansion with Lomi Lomi

Through the Spirit of Aloha to deepen your relationships and align with Source

Join us for a truly unique 4-hour immersion with the spirit of Aloha and Lomi Lomi massage to awaken your senses and expand into your true essence of love.

The Aloha spirit is a way of describing the inextricable connection all creation is and the oneness of all things that are and are not.

Aloha is a way of life. It is the coordination of the mind and heart and allows you to see each person as a reflection of you.

Aloha in it’s true nature is, love. It is the essence of relationships in which each person is important to the collective experience.

It is a moving, breathing, life force. And when you allow the Aloha spirit to permeate your mind, heart and body, your life will continue to expand into the most extraordinary way of living.

Lomi Lomi massage, which translates to loving hands, is a modality where the Aloha Spirit makes its gentle nurturing waves into your being.

It is a tool that can allow you to come from your heart and awaken your desires.

For me, personally, Lomi Lomi has provided me with the most incredible self-enquiry and self-expansion reflective tool.

With each session, a new layer of myself reveals itself. When I combine my own intention to what I seek to experience, I get just that and more. I am able to identify parts of my mind, heart and body where I feel stuck, stagnant, blocked, or, open, sensual, liberated, free.

Something truly magic happens with the facilitator and the receiver; a space opens for the Aloha Spirit to infuse love into every part of your existence. Each stroke, each movement, each breath, each feeling, each thought… creates a ripple effect of transcendence, expansion, liberation, and love.

Lomi Lomi gives you the capacity to open what is already available inside of you when you come from a place of unconditional love.

You may bring anything and everything you’re open to transforming, so let’s start with the relationship you have with self. The most important relationship you’ll ever have.

In this 4-hour immersion workshop you will experience:

>> Rituals to open your heart.
>> Deep conversations to ignite curiosity and evoke self-enquiry.
>> Meditation.
>> Lomi Lomi demonstration and practice (YES – you get to experience Lomi Lomi).
>> Closing Oration by our facilitator Stone Gye.

And here are some of the benefits you will receive from this workshop:

>> Become transparent on how your relationships have been.
>> Identify behaviours and stories that are the opposite of expanding Love.
>> Become clear on what it takes for you to thrive in relationships that make a difference to you.
>> Speculate and create a magical pathway that enables you to have courage to thrive in your relationships and allow abundance to flow even more for those around you.
>> Be fully self-expressed in your communication with everyone around you.
>> Surrender, allowing more vulnerability to embody Love in contribution and receiving.

Important workshop information:

Date: 25th June 2022 3pm – 7pm
Address: The Grace Space (Private Residence at Isle of Capri)
Investment: $97

What to bring:
Sarong (for your Lomi Lomi experience).
Wear light, loose-fitting clothing. Shorts and singlet are ideal.
Specific dietary requirements beyond vegetarian options provided on the day. 

Let’s meet our Lomi Lomi facilitator, Stone Gye:

Stone began his professional career going into the military in 1988.
Since then he has operated a digital agency, fitness and coaching practices and other ventures.
In 2014, he opened the only Lomi Lomi day spa in Melbourne. After relocating to the Gold Coast, the practice evolved to include teaching Aloha philosophy in practical application through life coaching so his clients could experience results in the areas of their life they most wanted to make a difference.
Lomi Lomi brings together everything he is curious about and has allowed him to heal his own life journey as well as be a mechanism of contribution to the communities he serves.





More about our host and founder of The Self-Love Movement, Alana Arvanitis:

Alana Arvanitis is a blend of creativity, a love alchemist, a cosmic soul pioneer and the founder of The Self-Love Movement.  Alana facilitates events, workshops and online programs which inspires, empowers and supports people with the devotion to Self-Love.

Through her own life adversities and the tight grip society had placed on her as a growing teen, she was forced to take the journey of Self-Discovery. “I hit rock bottom, in the darkness of sadness & grief, pushing my body to the extreme just in order to survive. Then, I collapsed; I had nothing, nothing to give myself or anyone around me. My only choice was – me. And I chose the path of Self-Love, self-enquiry, sovereignty and happiness.” From the day she realised that this was her only option to personal freedom and liberation, Alana began to see the true power of Self-Love, the inkling of magic that knocked on her door and filled her life with abundance, opportunities and immeasurable love.

The more Alana chose herself, the more she unlocked the infinite gifts she had to offer the world. “If you don’t go within, you go without.” Her deep passion for people and teaching led her to the creation of The Self-Love Movement, a social movement dedicated to the power of Self-Love.








Alana Arvanitis ♥

Founder of The Self-Love Movement


Spring into Self-Love

Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True Self with The Power of Self-Love

Spring into Self-Love

Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True Self with The Power of Self-Love

Spring into Self-Love

Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True Self with The Power of Self-Love



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