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08:00AM SAT, 22nd JUN, 2019


The Elk & Pea

Hosted by:

Liz Wensing

Rewrite Your Life with Adrienne Hornby

“The Gift of Self-Love”

Life as we know it is full of ups and downs, twists and turns, and many painful experiences which can ultimately lead to a life full of negativity, a loss of direction, no sense of self-worth, unhappiness and a mixture of emotional side-effects.

But with the right tools, strategies, support and knowledge, you can face whatever life brings with full power and sovereignty, standing strong in your conviction to rise above any challenge you face, stronger, wiser and even better than before.

Self-Love is a continual deepening of the relationship you hold with yourself, and with the life you live.

It is a daily practice to strengthen your stance and feel strong from the inside out, ready to face whatever comes your way.

No matter when or how your story began and how it continued to and continues to unfold, you can re-write your life or steer yourself in a more positive and empowering direction. Through implementing strategies, re-wiring your beliefs, and challenging your assumptions and expectations about life, you can begin to heal, think differently and create lasting change.

In this 2-hour breakfast workshop you will learn:

How to release past trauma and heal your wounds
The importance of acknowledging your pain and suffering
How to release your own inner critic and opinions of self
How to let go with forgiveness
The importance of nourishing your mind, body and soul for healing
How to be your own best-friend through Self-Love and Self-Care
And so much more..

Let’s meet our special guest speaker for the month, Adrienne Hornby;

Adrienne is a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, an Executive Teacher and a School Leader. She is passionate about coaching and guiding others toward their full potential. To Adrienne, it is deeply motivating to know that she is making a difference in people’s lives, and she wakes up every morning invigorated to push herself for her clients benefit.

Adrienne has experienced many challenges in her own life, struggling with a difficult upbringing and losing her mother when she was only 21. In her late 20’s it came time to end a lifelong toxic relationship with her father. Following this, came the realisation that she needed to transform herself and this was the beginning of her awe-inspiring journey.

To further complicate a life built on stress and grief, Adrienne grew ill following a trip to Morocco in 2011. After that, she started to research nutrition and gut health, which has remained a central interest of Adrienne’s for over seven years. In 2017, Adrienne learned that she joined the 1 in 6 women who faced fertility challenges. Adrienne has spent the past 2 years participating in ovulation induction and IVF in an attempt to conceive a child. In November 2018, Adrienne suffered a miscarriage at 10 weeks, but, has just shared with the world her amazing new news that she is expecting a baby later this year!

Today, Adrienne is proud to help others through the challenges and struggles that they face, drawing on her own history as reference for cultivating better health and a better sense of wellbeing.

A true Alchemist at heart.

Transforming pain into passion and purpose, and wounds into wisdom.

You too, can Rewrite Your Life.


When: 22nd June 2019 8 am – 10 am

Where: The Elk & Pea 21 Lonsdale Street, Braddon. ACT.

Cost: $30 + booking fee via Humanitix.

Your booking fee is supporting literacy programs for young girls. $50 teaches a girl to read and write for a year.

Breakfast: Order and pay upon arrival. The food is SO yummy!

Women’s only event.
Refunds require a 24-hour notice prior to the event.
No exchanges are available.
Breakfast is not included in the ticket price.
No tickets at door.

We are delighted to bring this magical movement to… YOU

Because, YOU are WORTH IT!

PS, if this is important to you, or if you know someone that needs some Self-Love in their life, please share this with them. Self-Love will change the world!

Liz Wensing xo
Canberra Self-Love Ambassador for The Self-Love Movement


Spring into Self-Love

Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True Self with The Power of Self-Love

Spring into Self-Love

Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True Self with The Power of Self-Love

Spring into Self-Love

Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True Self with The Power of Self-Love



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