Spring into Self-Love bundle


Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True Self with The Power of Self-Love



To help support your Spring into Self-Love, I have crafted a special package of my best work so you can take a deep dive into YOU and your Self-Loving practice.

What’s Included

The Importance of Self-Love workbook.
This workbook is an in-depth exploration of YOU designed to help you discover more of your unique expression, so you can cultivate more Self-Love.

5 Days of Self-Love Program.
This program is an in-depth discovery of Self-Love designed to supercharge your daily practice and get clear on who you are and the things holding you back. You will become solid and sovereign with Self-Love.

The Happiness Code workbook.
This workbook is designed to ignite your happiness, shift your perceptions and learn the secrets of life so you can live your best expression and not let any event or experience separate you from your own happiness.

Sacred Heart Guided Meditation and Light Activation with a bonus Mantra Mandala infused with love and positive intentions.
This is a recorded audio channelled from my heart to yours guiding you to a safe sacred place within your heart to receive a message to include in your Mantra Mandala (which you can print and colour!)

Access to our private Facebook group
For extra inspiration, empowerment and support.


Alana’s Self-Love program is amazing. It helped me to find out more about myself, confident and self- love. This is perfect for those or anyone who need extra love and self-loving in they life. Thank you, Alana. Keep up the wonderful and beautiful work. – Sally-Ann

I just completed the 5 Day self-love course. Wow, it was just what I needed. I didn’t want it to end. Alana is captivating and so amazing. The content of the course matches all her brilliance. – Vanessa B

Great program, leadership and new skills to help you see past traits and fix new relationships. – Marilyn D

Alana’s work is paramount to enabling yourself a life of love, worthiness and fulfilment. Her essence shines through her programs and anyone doing any of her work will gain a more enriched and loving life. – Lauren B

Absolutely love the 5 Days Self-Love Program. Would highly recommend it to anyone who needs to reconnect with themselves. – Christine I

The self-love challenge came at a perfect time for me as I was transitioning through major life changes It helped me remember what I love and what works for me to come home to my true love for myself. Excellent foundational program. – Mia M