07:00AM SAT, 18th MAR, 2017


My Little Kitchen


Event Type:

Creative Journaling Workshop

Hosted by:

Alana Arvanitis

PERFECTLY POSITIVE – The Power Of Positive Journaling

Positive Journaling… What is that?

Positive Journaling, done the right way, can assist you in transcending from any personal crisis and inspire you to discover your own unique greatness, reconnect with yourself, find meaning in each and every day, increase self-awareness and love and appreciate yourself for who you already are and who you strive to become. And ALL of this is from within yourself – totally independent from your environment, your circumstances, your past.

Barbara Märkl will be taking us all on a journey through the 6 main pillars of “Positive Journaling”

1. Gratitude
2. Inspiration
3. Contribution/Impact/Making a Difference
4. Values & Principles
5. Passion & Purpose
6. Challenges & Lessons Learnt

The Journaling concept which Barbara has created will help you:

– Track the goodness in your life by practicing GRATITUDE
– Get you closer to finding your true passion or meaning or direction in life
– Celebrate yourself for even the littlest difference you make, ‘good deeds’ you do or contribute to your own and/or other people’s happiness
– Remind yourself of how wonderful and worthy you are – because you totally are!
– Become clear of your core values and understand what is super IMPORTANT to you and your ‘Golden Rules’
– Acknowledge challenges as learning experiences and look closer at
recurring challenges to see if and how things can change


Date: Saturday 18th March at 07:00am arrival for 7:30am start.
Price: $20 Please register and pay with the Eventbrite link.

Breakfast: Yummy deliciousness from the wonderful people at MLK is at your own expense. 


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