Listen To Your Gut

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07:00AM SAT, 15th JUL, 2017


My Little Kitchen


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Self-Loving Healthy Gut Workshop

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Alana Arvanitis

LISTEN TO YOUR GUT – With Julie Marsh.

Welcome Self-Lovers to our July SLM event, Listen To Your Gut – with Julie Marsh.

We all have… Guts, but we live in a culture that doesn’t support the culture within our gut.

Did you know that 95% of the World’s population have some sort of Digestive System issue?

“An out of balance Gut creates dis-ease and dis-harmony in the body and is a major link to illness” – Julie Marsh.

Let’s meet Julie:

Julie’s passion is about “Empowering People to Heal Themselves”.
Julie started studying Kinesiology in 2004. She completed 2 Certificate IV’s, 2 Diplomas in Kinesiology with 2 different schools, both teaching very different techniques. During this time, she taught Kinesiology for NK Institute throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane, New Zealand and Hong Kong and was a founding member of the faculty board. With just 1 subject off completing her Advanced Diploma in Kinesiology, she realised that the body doesn’t need all this complicated “stuff” to heal. The body is subtle and really easy to shift and change, it is the mind that likes to complicate things. Julie then left NK Institute and developed her own “Health and Wellbeing Practitioner Courses”, covering all that she had learned and applying many “simple” techniques to help the body, mind and spirit shift gently and easily. After teaching and supporting students for another 2 years, she then decided to concentrate on her own business and studies. Julie enrolled with Quantum University Hawaii and is currently studying her Doctorate and Ph.D. in Natural Medicine. The wealth of knowledge that she is learning here, along with her Kinesiology and other qualifications, is quickly being applied to her sessions with clients, with HUGE results and success. After she has completed this degree, Julie plans to continue her studies at Griffith University where she will study a Medical Doctor degree. Her vision is to combine both Doctorates and blend Natural Medicine with Allopathic Medicine and help change the medical system, by teaching people that there are better ways to look after yourself, instead of throwing pills down your throat and giving money away to pharmaceutical companies. Julie and her Harmony In Life Health Clinics focus on rebalancing the Gut Flora in the Digestive System. With 95% of the world’s population having some sort of Digestive System issue, rebalancing this area is ESSENTIAL to the health and wellness of the body. An out of balance Gut creates dis-ease and dis-harmony in the body and is a major link to illness.

The connection we have to our gut is just like the connection we have to our “Self-Love”. This relationship must be understood and nurtured for a life full of radiant health and ease!

Join us for a morning full of wonderful gut-evoking information as we bring our awareness to the connection of our gut/mind/body & soul! You’ll be surprised how linked they all are….


Date: Saturday 15th July, 7:00am – 9:00am
Price: $10

Breakfast: Yummy deliciousness from the wonderful people at MLK is at your own expense. 


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