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07:30AM SAT, 24TH MAR, 2018


Kunara Organic Café


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Self-Love Breakfast Event

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Pam Siddins

Discover You ~ with Pam Siddins.

Are you consciously working on yourself to heal and progress? 

Have you been seeking awareness and guidance and are following all the information and advice, you know – we all need to think and “vibrate” positively so you try really hard to monitor your thought patterns…..

And yet, life is still not working out how you want it to?

You aren’t moving ahead like you wish, or even worse, you are still feeling stuck!?

Are you seeing repeat patterns appear in your day to day life which frustrate or anger you, and you desperately wish you knew how to erase them?

Do heavy emotions weigh you down?

Are you trying hard to birth your desires into reality, but you keep missing the mark? Leaving you feeling defeated and worthless…

Come and join us on Saturday 24th March as we journey to Discover You.

This personal transformation process incorporating the gentle, non-invasive methods of B.E.S.T – a healing technique used to remove subconscious emotional blocks, so you can uncover what might still be holding you back from your Health, Wealth and Relationship goals.

Take home a practical tool to keep you aligned and balanced, and on your way to Mastering YOU!

And guess who is in the hot seat this month….

Pam Siddins ~ Awareness Coach:

Pam is passionate about empowering people to reach their highest potential and achieve their health, wealth and relationship goals.

Using her innate natural ability in combination with the B.E.S.T. modality to help and empower you and those you love. By gently establishing a lasting connection with each one of her clients, Pam allows them the space and ability to realign their belief systems moving them towards what serves each client best for living in today’s momentum. 

Our bodies reveal short-circuited neurological patterns as a result of unresolved subconscious emotional issues, and this affects our physical and emotional systems which determine our health and wholeness. Pam can help you to gently and effectively resolve issues for you and your family with sleep, behaviour, health and relationships using the BEST technique – a healing science which addresses both physical and emotional causes, not the symptoms.

BEST stands for Bio Energetic Synchronisation Technique and is widely used all over the world by health practitioners who understand our bodies’ own ability to heal for optimal health and well-being.

Pam is an Elite Master B.E.S.T. Practitioner, Speaker, Coach and a Mum of four boys. Pam appreciates the challenges that arise in time management, prioritizing self and the importance of integrating what we learn, how our beliefs through experience change, living a life, embracing life lessons and not letting it have an adverse effect on our health and wellbeing.

Pam Presents many workshops, and private consults throughout the coast and her vision is to reach out to as many people as possible to demonstrate how by applying B.E.S.T. to every aspect within life, can change and improve people’s physical, mental and spiritual health forever.

B.E.S.T. became a passion for her when she saw the amazing influence it had her own life, but that of her family.


When: Saturday March 24th 7:30 am to 9:30 am

Where: Kunara Organic Café 330 Mons Road, Forest Glen 4556.

Cost: $20 + booking fee.

Please register and pay via the Humanitix link provided. All profits from fees are donated to the charity of our choice “Women’s Community Shelters” Helping more women find a place to call home.

* PLEASE NOTE: Tickets SELL OUT. To ensure your seat, please purchase your ticket now. No refunds or exchanges available. (Women’s event.)


This is one morning not to be missed Self-Lovers, full of blissful femininity & radiant love.

Please only hit attend if you are 100% there with us all. I am here for YOU, YOU are here for YOU, and TOGETHER, WE ARE HERE FOR EACHOTHER.

And remember…. Together we are stronger so please spread the love and bring your Self-Loving Sisters with you! Or simply share this invite with them.

Pam Siddins
Sunshine Coast Self-Love Ambassador



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Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True Self with The Power of Self-Love

Spring into Self-Love

Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True Self with The Power of Self-Love

Spring into Self-Love

Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True Self with The Power of Self-Love



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