3 Ways To Increase Your Self-Love Throughout Your Busy Day

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3 Ways to Increase Your Self-Love Throughout Your Busy Day 

I get it, life can be busy. But that shouldn’t be your excuse to not care about your own happiness, well-being, and Self.

Acts of Self-Love are easy and fun! And the rewards are nothing less than magical.

Here are 3 ways to increase your Self-Love throughout your busy day:

1 Get Out of Bed Early and Do a Self-Loving Ritual.

It is important to start your day the right way as it sets the tone for the hours to follow. For me, I enjoy waking up just before the Sun and heading to the beach for a walk with my dog. Whilst walking I am able to ground myself, to connect with nature and to myself, to set some intentions and practice daily gratitude, and to be fully present in that moment. I truly admire the beauty that surrounds me, it is a blissful experience and fills me up with so many good vibes!
Then I come home, make a yummy smoothie or health tonic and play with all the photos I took of the sunrise (yep, I love capturing her beauty). I do this because I love it! And it supercharges my energy.

If I don’t commit to this daily, then I start to feel my energy slip. My world becomes “foggy” and my emotions can be unpleasant. Recognize that feeling?

Rule 101 about Self-Love; It takes commitment and dedication to increase your Self-Love, happiness, and quality of life. Otherwise, we fall backward and suffer.

Think about how you would like to start your morning. It might be waking up and journaling, meditating, exercising, getting out into nature, yoga, stretching, reading your favourite book, or just simply having some time out by yourself with a hot cuppa tea and enjoying every moment of it. It is all about the “feeling” of things that are good for you.

2 Prepare and Set Yourself Up For Success Every Day.

You know that saying “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”, well it is so true! If we don’t make an effort to prepare for our day ahead then we are preparing to fail.

Think about your current day and how aligned it is to having ultimate success in all areas of your life; health, wealth, career, relationship/sex, spirituality, friends, learning..

And when I say success I mean your level of happiness.

This is linked back to our Rule 101 about Self-Love; commitment and dedication is required.

For me, I define what is important for the day ahead for my own success and happiness.

I ask myself, what are my priorities and what is going to make me the happiest? Because service to self is service to others.


I prepare my healthy meals for the day. If I don’t do this (yes sometimes I let my priorities slip because I am human), then I make bad decisions with my food because I am mostly out and about all day. My health is my priority every day.

I also do a lot of to-do lists! This is such a great practice to do. I simply write down the things I need to get done and once I have completed them I tick them off my list. Ahhh the feeling of structure!

It is important to understand what success means to you and to make a commitment to achieve some level of success throughout each day. Your happiness is SO important. But you must prepare and act! It is your duty to do so.

Make time to do the things that make you happy and benefit your well-being! The ultimate act Self-Love.

3 Check-in with Your Emotions.

Emotional Mastery is the foundation of knowing yourself completely. Without the knowledge of who you are, then you will never achieve complete Self-Love or experience a life abundant in happiness and joy.

It is important to know that we are merely vessels that embody emotion. Emotion is energy in motion, therefore emotions are meant to flow through you. But, we forget that we have control over our emotions and in the end, we let our emotions control us!
They are our friendly guides, telling us many interesting things like what feels good and what feels bad. It is our choice to feel what we want to feel, and we can intentionally direct our attention to any emotion including love, joy, happiness, anger, frustration, and jealousy.. and we do this mostly by our thoughts.

Start to check-in with yourself throughout your entire day. Notice how you are feeling. Are you experiencing joy, peace, laughter, or are you experiencing frustration, conflict or judgement?

When you have a better understanding of what emotions you are experiencing in your day then you can start to see if there is a link between your environment, your actions, your thoughts etc. Is it your job, the person who didn’t smile back at you, the money you missed out on or made, the food you ate, the email you received, the text you wrote, the happy phone call from your partner?

Self-Love is knowing what makes you happy and what increases your well-being. It starts by understanding your emotions and choosing to do things which add to your happiness and well-being. Your emotions will tell you this! That is their job. To show you what you like and dis-like or what is healthy for you.

I want to make it clear that I know life brings suffering. It is not always good. You can’t just decide to be happy some days. I have been there, I know suffering very well. Suffering is the catalyst for change. Change is growth and expansion. Growth and expansion is alignment to your True-Self. And your True-Self is so full of LOVE and magic.

Every day you get an opportunity to learn more about who you are and what life you wish to live.

Self-Love is your way of getting through life darling. You deserve the love you seek, and you can have it all if you give it to yourself. Service to self is service to others.

I trust that if you practice these 3 things within your daily routine then you will feel yourself rising and filling up with so much love, finding peace within the chaos, experiencing an abundance of joy, harmony, happiness, and love. That is only the start of it…..

Sending so much love to you,
Alana Arvanitis
The Founder of The Self-Love Movement









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Spring into Self-Love

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