Welcome Aurielle Cyre, Our Newest Self-Love Ambassador

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Welcome to the family, Aurielle Cyre, our newest Self-Love Ambassador! ❤

Canada just got a little sweeter! We light up the sky with our latest Self-Loving Ambassador who is ready to take the lead and spread the goodness of tapping into the magic of Self-Love.

She opens her heart for us all and shares her most vulnerable inner truths, a story of her transition from depleted self-worth, to successful self-love.

I must say, it has been such a delight to have connected with Aurielle. The power of Self-Love brings a sense of peace and home to the women who say YES. Here is Aurielle’s YES:

“My Self-Love journey started about a year ago. I was in a place where I wanted change and to stop feeling so much self-hate and self-disappointment. This journey may have started a year ago but the reason behind my journey has been brewing since I was a little girl. I grew up in a broken home, my parents got divorced when I was six years old. I had a mother who loved me with every bone in her body, and a father who wanted nothing to do with me unless it was in relation to court, which was only for a day and a half every week where he had to take my sister and I for the night. When we were with him it was never positive or uplifting. I never felt good enough for him, which in return as I grew older it transformed into many aspects of my life. I never felt like I was a good student, a good daughter, a good friend, or even a good girlfriend. Growing up being told you’re; “stupid” or “why don’t you get what I am telling you”, is personally draining on one’s self-worth. As a child, you believe the words of those around you so I started to believe that; I was dumb, I wasn’t good at anything and I didn’t deserve to be happy. School was never easy for me and I found learning extremely difficult, which I didn’t find out until I was 16 that I had a learning disability. I had a challenging time making friends or being social and as I got older it only got increasingly more difficult. I always tried my best to fit in and conform to those around me. Then I started to become the age where drinking and sex were involved. I drank to fit in with those around me so that they would think I was cool enough to be there. I slept with guys because I thought that was the only way to get them to like me. I then started to build a reputation for myself… I then became known as a slut, or that I was easy. Not a name you would be proud of but I continued to party, sleep around and have no self-worth at all. This continued outside of high school, I started clubbing and it only got worse. I didn’t care about working, I didn’t care about myself, my health or the path in life I was taking. In my mind, I was worthless and this is the life that I deserved because I was told I’m; stupid, dumb and ugly. The older I got the lower and lower my self-respect and self-worth seemed to get. Then I hit a point where I was completely unhappy all the time, nothing seemed to make me feel good anymore. I had no drive, no passion and over all I didn’t even know who I was and what I wanted out of life. This is when I decided that I had had enough. I decided I had to stop this downward spiral I was on and take control of my life. This is when I chose to work on myself for myself. I am nowhere near where I want to be at times but then I remember this is a journey, there is no final destination. There will be highs and there will be lows but is all a part of my Self-Love Journey!”

What does Self-Love mean to you?

“To me, it means multiple things, but I would have to say that it means everything! I mean, I am not at that stage in my life yet where happiness always comes easily to me at any time. I don’t know if one is always truly happy all of the time, but I believe through Self-Love one can truly find more happiness in their daily lives. It means being happy with not always having it all. It means being happy when you may have gained a couple of pounds or started to get grey hair or your clothes don’t fit like they once used too. It means that one can find happiness in the littlest of things instead of always focusing their energy on the negative aspects of their lives. Through my life I have experienced many highs with just as many lows and for years I only focused on the lows. To this day, I let my past and my bad days take control over my life. I let it hold me down and consume all of me. Why? Because that is the pattern of behavior I allowed myself to have for so long. I let the negative self-talk take control over everything else in my life. But when you focus all of that negative energy on being happy and being positive you open yourself up to a whole new outlook on life.

I would have to say that Self-Love means everything to me. It means an entirely new outlook on life. It helps form positive relationships in all aspects of your life. It creates a building block for a powerful and positive future! When you let Self-Love into your life you have an endless amount of joy being added to your life that you never knew existed! Self–Love has opened up an entirely new community of people I never knew were even out there. People who see the world the way I do. They see people as more than just outer appearances, they see us as being kind hearted, open minded souls who want to live positive happy lives! I am truly blessed for being a part of this wonderful and amazing community of people!”

Why do you think it’s important for women to love who they are?

“I think it is important for women to love who they are for many reasons. I believe a woman who loves herself will be respected, not taken advantage of and knows when to walk away. I say this from experience when I was in a place of no Self-Love. I had no self-respect, no back bone, and would let other people walk all over me. When I started to value who I was and work on my Self-Love I started to realize how mistreated I was being by others. I felt that way about myself so I didn’t see anything wrong with how they were treating me at the time. When you love who you are, it is more than just loving what you look like. You start to truly love everything about yourself. You love your personality, your looks, and you love WHO you are. You then start to attract the right kind of people into your life who will love and respect you the way you deserve to be treated. Self-Love is important and factors into everything you do in your daily life!”

Some things that I totally LOVE:

“I love food, Netflix, Hot yoga, The gym, Hiking, Going for walks, Dogs, Coffee, Babies, Sleep, My friends, My family.”

Aurielle Cyre ❤

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