Are you craving more creativity, play, inspiration, support and feminine power in your life?

Are you open to educating and expanding your mind, body & soul?

Are you seeking heart-felt relationships with women who share the same beliefs and desires as you?

Do you want to collaborate all of your own gifts with a community who appreciate them?

Finding your weave in the universe can be challenging at the best of times and that also goes for finding your tribe – the beautiful like-minded souls that enrich your existence!

Your tribe is waiting for you…. SELF-LOVING SOULSHIPS!

Are you looking to be a Self-Love Ambassador in your local area? We are looking for you!

What is a Self-Love Ambassador?

A SLA is a dedicated leader with a passion and gift for bringing women together to share and embrace their individual greatness.

Do you have a passion for teaching & inspiring women?

Do you believe in the power of Self-Love?

Do you love being social and find greatness in education, empowerment and inspiration for women?

Are you being called to spread more Self-Love to the world?

Then The Self-Love Movement is looking for YOU!

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